Share your Madder Mortem story with us.

Sometimes music becomes more than just a pastime or background noise. Every once in a while an artist’s music speaks to something inside of us and turns us into what they call “fans”. The music becomes something more like a friend, a place where you can trust that what you are feeling is real and means something. We want to hear how you became a fan of Madder Mortem’s music and how it has grown with you, through the good times and the bad.

A few technical notes:

  • Please record with the camera horizontal
  • There is a maximum file size of 2GB when you upload from the site.
    • If you have a longer video please send an email so we can tell you how to get the video to us.
  • Not all the videos will be featured in the documentary film, but we will eventually set up a gallery on this site where they will all be available.

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